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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

With the colder weather and longer nights approaching, motorists need to be confident that their vehicles are reliable and safe for this season. Chilly temperatures, rain and snow can take a toll on your vehicle. So, get your car winter-ready by opting for a winter check Bury St Edmunds from Europit Tyres.

Our professionals deliver comprehensive winter car service Bury St Edmunds with state-of-the-art equipment and minimum turn-around-time. When you reach us, our experts will conduct thorough check-ups on various car components. They will then recommend you the necessary replacements or repairs to ensure the safety and performance of your vehicle on wintery roads.

Note: We perform reliable replacements with OE-grade spares.

What Does Our Car Winter Check Include?

Europit Tyres conducts a comprehensive winter check by focusing on six main areas of the vehicle, including:

Inspection of the tyres

Our experts will thoroughly inspect your tyres to make sure there is no damage that can cause you any issues. We check the tread depth (legal minimum = 1.6mm) and make sure the tyre pressure is accurate.

Battery inspection

Note that your car’s battery tends to drain out faster during winters. To ensure that you do not incur issues with the car’s battery during this chilly season, our technicians will check if your battery is protected, secured and charged. In case your car’s battery needs replacing, we can certainly help you. We always have a variety of top-quality batteries in stock.

Checks on windscreen wipers

During winters, continuous snow or rain can hamper visibility significantly. During our winter check Bury St Edmunds, we will check the condition of your windscreen wipers and ensure that they provide suitable screen clearing. We will also top up the wiper fluid, if necessary.

Top-ups for coolant and antifreeze

Breakdowns due to a malfunctioning engine are common during winters. Our winter check will ensure that the cooling system in your vehicle is functioning optimally. We will also inspect your car’s antifreeze and refill it, if necessary.

Lights testing

Driving with broken headlights is illegal and dangerous. Especially during winters, you have to drive through thick fog, for which you must ensure that your car’s headlights are working correctly.

Our technicians will conduct the necessary checks on the lights to ensure they work to the right standard.

Engine oil refill

To avoid sudden breakdowns in the colder months, it is imperative that you refill your car with the best engine oil. Sometimes, the oil needs to be lighter to keep the car running smoothly during winters. If that is the case, our technicians will advise you regarding the same.

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