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Are you looking for Brakes Service for your vehicle?

It goes without saying that proper functioning of your vehicle's brakes is essential for your driving safety. A damaged braking system also increases the possibility of MOT failures.

If you are concerned about your vehicle's braking system, then you can stop searching car centre for brake repair Bury St Edmunds and visit Europit Tyres.

You can find us at Unit 5, Cratfield Road, Bury St Edmunds, IP32 7DF. We are open from Monday to Saturday during the following working hours –

Monday to Friday – 8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday – 8:30 am to 5 pm

Sunday – Closed

How Can We Help?

At Europit Tyres, you can enjoy a free inspection of your car brakes. So, end your search for “brake pad replacement Bury St Edmunds” service and schedule an appointment by calling us on 01284 842222.

Our trained technicians will carefully inspect your vehicle's brakes to understand the problem. We cover the following components during our inspection:

  • Brake pads
  • Callipers
  • Rotor
  • Brake fluids
  • Brake discs
  • Master cylinder
  • Brake pedals etc.

Since most of these components are not safe for repair, it is likely that you’ll need replacement parts.

When Should You Get Your Car’s Braking System Checked?

Note the warning signs of a malfunctioning braking system:

Vibration in Your Vehicle's Steering Wheel

If you experience odd vibrations in your vehicle's steering wheel while applying the brakes, it is one of the tell-tale signs of an uneven rotor.

Soft Brake Pedals

If you feel that your vehicle's brake pedal is soft, it indicates a damaged master cylinder or the presence of moisture in the braking system.

Unusual Noise

Do you notice squealing noises whenever you apply your brakes? If yes, then it implies damaged brake pads. So don't delay further by searching for a “brake repair Bury St Edmunds” just come and see us.

A sideways pull

A damaged calliper or brake hose causes your vehicle to veer to one particular side on applying your brakes. This significantly jeopardises your on-road driving safety. Hence, opt for immediate brake pad replacement Bury St Edmunds services.

Burning Smell

If you get a burning smell in your car, it could be a malfunctioning calliper and you’d be wise to get your brakes checked immediately.

You need to look for other symptoms to identify a damaged brakes system –

  • Leakage of brake fluid
  • Brake light indicator shows on your car's dashboard

If you notice any of these issues, call us about our affordable brake repair services.

To know more about the other services at our car centre for brake repair Bury St Edmunds, contact us on 01284 84 22 22.

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